Head of Digital Video Content + Strategy, Senior Digital Producer, Brand Lead, Creative Director, Lead Editor & Motion Graphics & Design


Tricia Traci is the epitome of a Jane of all trades mega-hyphen: a one woman band content creator/ editor/ artist/ director/ content strategist/ account manager/ department leader/ & senior digital producer for big brands, tv & film, and influencers/celebrities. 

From start to finish, she strategizes, conceptualizes, produces, writes, directs, creates, shoots, edits, designs, and animates  slick, clean, fun, serious, dramatic, chill, thoughtful, bright, engaging content that connects to the human soul, no matter how digital it is. She can program, publish, and analyze data with the best of them. Some call her a wiz. Some call her a wizard. 

When she creates these dynamic pieces of content, they appeal to both mainstream and alternative audiences. She has excellent taste, high sensitivity spidey senses, razor sharp quality control, believes in the authentic, and understands how to pinpoint a voice and/or a brand. She then implements and executes with ease, training the audience and developing a loyal community... having them wanting and expecting MORE. Communities flourish. Subscriptions and follows flow. 

All walks of life can't help but share, like, double tap, re-tweet, re-tube, re-view, re-hash, re-tag, re-tok, and rewatch her content obsessively. 

They wish her content was something not digital, but tangible so they could clutch it in the flesh of their warm sweaty organic hands or even gobble it up whole for the ultimate digestion satisfaction. It becomes apart of them the same way we and her art is apart of everything. It's a literal take on consumerism. To CONSUME. 

She thrives both independently or on a team. She's led departments and hires crews.  Her collaboration style is positive and solution driven. She's an expert at creative operations and workflow, finding efficiencies, setting up redundancies, and archival systems. 

A mature millennial or young Gen Xer, a friend to Boomers, she also embodies the spirit of Gen Z, allowing her to bob and weave between the generational blurred lines. Consider your demo covered. Consider your brand reached and understood. 

Tricia moonlights as a video collage artist, animator doodler, and comedian to further hone her voice, imagination, innovation, and connection to the universe around her. Also so she doesn't get bored. 

She loves climbing, snowboarding, scuba, backpacking, rivers, mountains, bikes, gardening, graffitied city burrows, 60's experimental films, flashy big budget action movies, cartoons, muppets, humane societies, honey bees, putting sunglasses on dogs, and Korean tofu soup. 

She believes everything comes to life when grownups aren't around.